Is it a bird … is it a plane … no its a Superman Cupcake!

Superman Cupcakes

Superman Cupcakes

When a client of mine asked me to do these Superman cupcakes for her as a gift to her friend turning 51, I thought it odd at first that someone older than me could still have a passion for Superman. We’ve all seen the kids running into school or out shopping with their moms in their Superman outfits and remarked on how cute they look dressed up as their favourite superhero so how does this translate to a passion for a super hero into your 50’s? Then it all came back to me, the fluttering of my young heart as Christopher Reeve twirled out of his rather boring and mundane hair-do and life into a heart throb of a superhero.  He was the ultimate blue eyed hero who swept away not only the characters he saved in abundance but also us young girls and guys who thought he was just the bees knees in those days.  I remember how heart broken I felt for this handsome strong actor after the accident that left him so disabled.  He then became a true Superman as he fought against all odds to overcome the severity of his disabilities.  How wonderful is it that this Superman has become a passion in this woman’s  life.  I can only imagine what fun she must be to be with and I hope that these cupcakes made her day all the more fun!


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