To Welcome Tiny Pink Feet…

Pink & Lime Green Baby Shower Cupcakes

Pink & Lime Green Baby Shower Cupcakes

I added 2 baby pink feet to embossed pastel green flowers for these cupcakes that Alison ordered to welcome a new baby girl into their family. They look so cute nestled in the flower on these cupcakes. The teddies I molded from a sculpey clay mold and added a pastel green flower to it before settling it on to the cupcake with some rolled sugar paste roses. The pink sugar paste boottees with their green blossoms and pastel green babygros with their blossom buttons  complete this baby girl cupcake order. I hope these only enhanced this special day for you and your family Alison.

“Pink bows and pretty things, Fancy dresses and golden rings, Little girl wishes and princess dreams, She dances on stars and moonlight beams.” – Veronica Curtis


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