Musical Flower Birthday Cake!

Music & Flower Cake

Music & Flower Cake

My friend Vee fell in love with the pictures of my last cake a lime green and pink flower and butterfly cake and she asked me to make a similar cake for a family birthday celebration.  She gave me the extra challenge of making one cake to celebrate 3 different family members, one male and a musician and the other two female and arty.  I used the lime green and made sugar paste butterflies, flowers and roses and then for a contrasting colour used Rolkem’s Watermelon colouring to colour sugar paste to make the remainder of the butterflies, flowers and roses.  I placed these cascading across and then down the side of a creamy vanilla iced cake and then added a sheet of music and music notes for the male element of the cake. (The sheet of music I made by rolling a piece of sugar paste into a rectangle and then stamping music on to it with a rubber stamp and edible black food colouring. I gathered the sheet gently while still pliable and placed it on the cake adding the larger music notes to it for effect.)  The black ribbon with white polka dots adds the final dramatic effect to the cake and ties in the masculine and feminine theme of the cake.  I couldn’t resist photographing it on my favourite black and white tea towel as who could not feel but only joy at looking at this cake!

Music & Flower Cake

Thank you Vee for your faith in me in being able to do this cake for your special family celebration and I hope you had fun with all the family!


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