Chocolate & Cappuccino Cupcakes for Father’s Day…

Chocolate & Cappuccino Cupcakes

Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day in South Africa and I made these rich chocolate and cappuccino cupcakes to say thank you to Eddie for being such an amazing husband and father to our 2 children.  I couldn’t slave over a hot stove and cook a brilliant meal with only one fully functioning foot and even a batch of cupcakes these days is a challenge.  I stuck to my yummy chocolate cupcakes and added a cappuccino icing and Toblerone and Nestle Cafe Latte chocolate pieces to top them off.  They turned out deliciously sweet and chocolatey.

Thanks Eddie again for being an awesome dad for the last 18 years and for being the most supportive and loving husband for nearly 22 years now – you are just the ‘bees knees’ and we love you!


5 thoughts on “Chocolate & Cappuccino Cupcakes for Father’s Day…

  1. Thanks babes for the gorgeous cupcakes and the beautiful day with you and the kids. I probally have bees knees after all the chocolates and cupcakes I have eaten!!! Love you.


  2. Hi Lisa, Have recommended you to a friend (Tersia) last night. Sure she’ll contact you. She wants cupcakes for her baby shower (boy). Hope you are “footloose” soon!
    Hester (calligraphy)


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