Hydrangea Cupcakes for Lisa (TQO)

Hydrangea Cupcakes

A few weeks ago we celebrated Lisa (TQO)’s birthday – TQO short for The Quiet One!   As per our usual Wednesday scrapbooking birthday celebration it was anything but quiet and we celebrated Lisa’s birthday with the usual array of gifts, blowing of candles and an assortment of delicious goodies to eat accompanied by much laughter and fun.  Lisa (TQO)’s presents were unusual this year as she requested pritt glue and crayons for the pre-school children  she teaches at the children’s home.  I have to mention here that Lisa (TQO) apart from being the life and soul of any party or celebration she attends is also an inspiration in the humble way she shares her ideas, time, knowledge, recipes and laughter with us and always makes us feel that life is a total blast.  She opened her presents of pritt glue, crayons and stickers with such excitement knowing how much joy the children were going to get from using them.  While I was off my feet I kept myself busy exploring new cupcake ideas and I chanced on a youtube video one afternoon in which a delightful Anh demonstrated how to pipe a hydrangea cupcake.  She did go one step further and place the cupcakes in a bouquet but due to time limitations on my feet I didn’t try that. For really clear instructions visit Anh’s youtube demo on Sonata 333.  I mixed violet and royal blue icing into a piping bag  and piped my version of a hydrangea for these cupcakes and topped each one with an embossed white butterfly. Lisa Nadene took  this pretty photo of the cupcakes that portray the colour and joy that Lisa (TQO) brings into the lives of everyone she meets.


3 thoughts on “Hydrangea Cupcakes for Lisa (TQO)

  1. Hey Lisa – you know I love your cupcakes but these need some more work (sorry doll) I don’t think the petals should be peaked – aren’t hydrangea petals flat ……. (I do still love you though!!!!)


    • You know you are my fiercest critic so yes they could be a whole lot better! My brain is slowly returning to normal so look out for better cupcakes in my next few posts! I need my critics to keep me on my toes, even if some of the toes are not fully functioning yet!


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