Pink Pepper and Pink Roses for a Family Memory!

Pink Pepper & Pink Roses Cupcakes

It was such a great evening Saturday 2 weeks ago when Eddie and I were invited to a delicious dinner with my uncle Dieter, Genee, Pete, Gill, Brendan and Christen-Jenna.  It has been a while since we were able to catch up with family and we were able to share family news, reminisce and generally enjoy each other’s company.  Genee is always a gracious and gorgeous host and her delicious roast dinner reminded me of the beautiful roast dinners my mom would prepare so lovingly and with a great deal of food-fussing about for us.  I wanted to make  really pretty but fun cupcakes for Genee so I chose the pink pepper and citrus chocolate iced cupcakes that I have made before and added a pink rose and pink pearls to her cupcakes.  Dieter has always been a chocolate lover and I remember him eating all the desserts I made when I was a child for family gatherings.  He always had high praise for everything I made so I love him for that as I am sure there were times when not every dessert was up to scratch.  For his cupcakes I added a piece of the Madacasse Pink Pepper and Citrus chocolate that I had melted into the icing.  We enjoyed a beautiful dinner finished off with these cupcakes so once again thank you for inviting us to share in more family memories.


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