Vintage and Scrapbooking Cupcakes for Lisa

Lisa's Birthday Cupcakes

The silly celebratory season has hit our Wednesday morning scrapbooking class in earnest as we celebrate a few birthdays quite close to each other.  After the celebration for Lisa(TQO) it was the turn of our awesome scrapbooking teacher and guru, Lisa Myburgh.  Lisa has a heart of gold and a superbly talented eye for everything beautiful around her.  She loves anything vintage so I made some Orange velvet cupcakes in small vintage cupcake holders ( for her birthday as well as Orange Velvet  with the prettiest scrapbooking inspired sugar paste decorations I bought from Baking Bitz in Randburg.  As you can see in the pictures above Lisa, never too far away from her camera, captured some gorgeous pictures of these birthday cupcakes and  I  managed to take this beautiful picture of her.

Lisa's Birthday Cupcakes


Again it was a privilege to make these pretty cupcakes for someone as special as Lisa who humbly and generously gives of her talent, her time and her spirit in everything she does.  We all love you madly Lisa and thank you for making our lives all the more special just because we know you.


Lisa's Birthday Cupcakes

Photographs (Lisa Myburgh, Lisa Cunningham)



6 thoughts on “Vintage and Scrapbooking Cupcakes for Lisa

  1. Hi Lisa
    What a great website/blog you have here! I absolutely love the photos – Other Lisa is an excellent photographer!
    I am going to try and do something like this as you suggested this morning – and also thanks for all the mentions (I really appreciate it!)
    Baking Bitz


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