Tracy’s 50th Birthday Cupcakes

Lime Green & Purple Flower Cupcakes

A week after celebrating Lisa’s birthday with the vintage cupcakes at scrapbooking it was Tracy’s turn to celebrate her big milestone birthday as she turned 50.  Of course Tracy doesn’t look anywhere near 50 as she has an amazing family and a unique set of friends and of course a crazy group of scrapbooking friends too who keep her really young!  In fact this may be an excuse to celebrate her 50th for the next few years until she really looks 50!  When looking for inspiration for Tracy’s 50th so many things came to mind as Tracy loves beautiful colours and patterns when scrapbooking and she is an extremely thoughtful and generous person.  I chose 2 colours that I will always associate with her and those were a vibrant lime green and funky purple and made flowers using combinations of these colours.  I was delighted to find another embossed flower cutter at Jodees and used this flower with a rolled rose for its centre.

Tracy's 50th Birthday

True to our wacky Wednesday way of celebrating we had a great party with a delicious carrot cake made by Shaunagh, spicy heart sandwiches made by Lisa(TQO) and the usual array of gifts, blowing of candles and singing.  Thanks Tracy for being such an awesome scrapbooking friend and for just being you.  It was wonderful to be able to celebrate such a special birthday with you.



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