Bright, Funky Flower Cupcakes

Bright, Funky Flower Cupcakes

Bright, Funky Flower Cupcakes

When Jeanine first ordered cupcakes for her 50th birthday celebration it was a pleasure to see her excitement and planning for her party and all the attention to detail she put into making it a perfect day for her guests.  It was once again a pleasure to do cupcakes for her friend, Claire, who celebrated her 50th birthday a few weeks ago.  With the planning and preparation of these two spunky ladies this celebration could only but be a fun-filled one for Claire’s guests.  Jeanine described Claire as colourful and extrovert so I made bright pink, yellow, orange and green flowers and butterflies for these cupcakes.  I used a variety of flower cutters and embossing sheets to make sure that each cupcake had a unique decoration and the result was a colourful array of Bright, Funky Flower Cupcakes.  I am delighted that I was able to meet you Claire before your birthday and I hope that your special day was perfect in every way.


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