Totally Bright Summer Flower Cupcakes!

Bright Flower Cupcakes

After a slow and somewhat cooler start to our Joburg summer, the days have turned hot and sunny and it was appropriate to do these fun Bright Flower Cupcakes for Janine’s birthday celebration.  After a brilliant cupcake year in 2011 it is great to be doing so many repeat birthday orders in 2012 and I was delighted when Janine asked me to do these cupcakes for her to take for her colleagues at work on Friday.  A woman after my own heart, Janine loves this range of bright colours so it was not difficult for me to come up with these embossed pretty pink, oh-so-there-orange, yummy yellow and lime green flowers.  To add even more character to some of the flowers I rolled out strips of 2 different colours, embossed them and then cut out the flowers resulting in funky striped flowers to add to the delicious vanilla and chocolate cupcakes I baked for Janine’s order.  Hope you had loads of fun Janine and thank you once again for your cupcake order.

Bright Flower Cupcakes



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