Mermaid Cupcakes for Jess

Mermaid Sugar Art

This is a hugely exciting post for me for a number of reasons.  This little mermaid started off with a very cute but very funny looking face with over-sized rather googly eyes.  In fact she looked like she had just taken off a pair of goggles after a good few hours under water.  Those of you who saw the initial picture will know exactly what I am talking about.  Realizing I was hopelessly off course with this little mermaid I called Vicci who willingly showed me how to create a face with better eyes, nose and mouth.  Vicci is a gem in the South African sugar art world and is a brilliant and willing teacher.  Her work is so inspiring and creative and I can’t wait to learn loads more from her talented hands, her page is well worth a visit on Victoria Bean.  My mermaid’s face was a huge improvement which was so exciting even though I still have a long way to go with crafting faces.  Thank you Vicci for your time and patience with me.

Mermaid Cupcakes

A Swish of Tails!

The mermaid tails are also sugarpaste, some I made with different colour sugarpaste and others I made with white sugarpaste which I then dusted with Rolkem food colouring before adding a lustre to them all.  I added half of a butterfly to the end of the tails and then popped them into light blue iced red velvet cupcakes using a toothpick to support them.  The blue and white sugar beads and curled green sugarpaste seaweed were the final touch to these pretty Memaid Cupcakes.  Further excitement for me was the reception with which these cupcakes were met.  Jess, the birthday girl, was delighted with her cupcakes as were her friends and I have had so many positive comments on this little mermaid from everyone who has seen her.  Of course I couldn’t resist photographing this display of swishing mermaids’ tails with Russell’s pretty wrought iron cake stand as the clear crystal beads remind me of droplets of water and were perfect as a backdrop.  Happy birthday Jess and thank you for your inspiring order and here’s to the excitement of something newly leaned!

Mermaid Cupcakes


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