Anniversary Cupcakes!

Turquoise, Lime Green & Purple Flower Cupcakes

If you have read my previous Mermaid Cupcake post you will know how thrilled I was with Vicci’s help with my mermaid’s face.  Well to add to the excitement of the week, Vicci told me about the National Sugarcraft show which was held in Pretoria.  I made the great trek from Joburg to Pretoria and visited all the exhibits at the show and was thrilled to see such exquisite sugarcraft on show.  Even more fun were all the stands with new products on display.  One of the products I purchased from Incredible Crafts was a fmm Multi Fower Veiner which I have used on some of the flowers above.  I simply cut out my flowers and then popped them between the veiner which left them with a detailed veined surface.  I combined turquoise, lime green and purple flowers and colourful centres  for these cupcakes inspired by Byron and his girlfriend’s 4 year anniversary.  I thought these funky flowers were a perfect addition to cupcakes celebrating young love.

Turquoise, Lime Green & Purple Flower Cupcakes

Happy Anniversary!


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