Personal Trainer Birthday Cake!

Bodybuilder Sugar ArtBodybuilder Sugar Art

Byron celebrated his birthday in February and I thought he deserved a cake as he has persevered with me through a year of hard work, sweat and motivation in order to get me resembling a fitter and healthier person rather than the ‘well rounded character’ I was this time last year.  As he is fit and disciplined himself I made him a delicious banana bread full of nuts, bananas and cranberries, all the healthy goodies! Thanks to Samantha Linsell from Drizzle and for what has to be the best banana bread recipe ever!

This personal trainer was my first attempt at a male figure and he turned out quite cute with his naughty face, Nike shirt, Adidas shoes and of course the kettle bell and extra weights for his training session. Happy Birthday Byron and delighted you were surprised with your cake!

Note to self after making this male figure I am officially allowed to study the male form more closely and more often to get an even better result next time!


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