Funfair Extravaganza Cupcakes!

Funfair Extravaganza CupcakesTeneille chose a colourful and fun theme for her 21st birthday party, Funfair Extravaganza, and she asked for cupcakes in pale and bright pastel colours.  Of course playing with colours and a variety of them is just up my ally so I had loads of fun making, ice-creams, balloons, pinwheels, candy lollies, flowers in a range of pastel colours.  I added colour and texture to the pinwheels by cutting 2 squares in different colours, embossed them and then placed one on top of the other before cutting them and folding them into a pinwheel shape.  Their nifty centres are blossoms cut in the matching colours placed one onto the other again with a centre.

Funfair Extravaganza Cupcakes

Happy 21st Teneille!

The ice-cream cones were made using a rolled circle of sugar paste and long roll of sugar paste twirled to look like a soft serve in the cone.  The sprinkles glued on top finished off these cute additions to the theme.  In adding the 21 for some of the cupcakes, I cut out the numerals from 2 different colour sugar pastes and used them together to create the 21.  In keeping with the theme I placed the T initials on some embossed bunting.

Funfair Extravaganza Cupcakes

No funfair is complete without popcorn so I baked chocolate cupcakes in small red and white cases and then added my butter icing and finished the cupcakes off with mini white marshmallows.  The overall display off the cupcakes on the candy table was effective and I was once again delighted to hear that the cupcakes were enjoyed by all the guests.  Thanks Di and Teneille for trusting me with your exciting celebration!

Funfair Extravaganza Cupcakes



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