British Themed Cupcakes!

British Themed CupcakesBritish Themed Cupcakes

British Themed Cupcakes were the royal order for the day as Bronwyn celebrated her 18th Birthday with her family and friends.  As she is looking forward to spending some time in the UK shortly this was one of the passions her mom suggested for her order of cupcakes. The red, white and blue colour scheme is an easy one to work with as the contrasts are perfect. I included embossed blue and red hearts, blue and red daisies with dainty white centres and the iconic underground signs to complete these themed cupcakes. The flavour Bronwyn chose was red velvet and with the creamy white cream cheese icing and colourful sugar art these cupcakes were perfect for the celebration. Thanks to Michelle for my funky red cupcake stand as it completed the cupcake display.  Wishing you a wonderful trip Bronwyn and may it be an adventure to remember!


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