Amy & Rick’s Wedding Cake Topper

Bride & Groom Sugar Art

Congratulations Amy & Rick!

It was a glorious Saturday for Amy and Rick’s Wedding Day and their wedding cupcake topper looked perfect on a beautiful wedding cake and cupcake display by Janet and Kate. This sugar bride and groom had the best view of the day in the tranquil Kloofzicht setting and they were the first to see the bride and groom and their guests walking up to them after the wedding ceremony.

Amy had a picture of a bride coaxing her groom away from the 19th hole and this was the inspiration for the sugar couple. Rick was fun to create and with his gentle face and broad smile it was easy to portray a naughty groom not quite willing to leave his golf bag. Tracy, who made the most beautiful mother of the bride on the day, gave me photos of Rick and his golf bag and I tried to make as close a likeness to both him and his bag. (Thanks here to Angela for the golf clubs which along with the veil were the only non-edible elements in this design). I have to say that my groom here has a cheeky look but he looks really keen to be getting married to his gorgeous girl!

Bride & Groom Sugar Art

The Groom …

Amy was exquisitely radiant in all her wedding photos and I tried to capture her petite face and soft hair from the photos I had of her. I knew her dress had lace detail and silver detail around the waist and so I embossed my white sugar paste with a fine floral pattern before draping on her sugar torso. Tiny silver beads around her waist and the stitching and bow at the back completed her delicate dress. I added blonde sugar curls to Amy’s head and then attached a fine veil,(thanks Lisa TQO), before completing her hair with a blonde fringe. I made her a tiny bouquet of white roses for her to hold. My bride looks just as happy as her groom standing next to him.

Bride & Groom Sugar Art

The Bride …

It was a pleasure Amy and Rick to make these characters for your wedding cake and my wish for you is that you take all the joy, friendship, hardwork and meticulous planning that went into your special day and use it in the rest of your married life together!

Bride & Groom Sugar Art

… And they lived happily ever after!



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