French Girl Class with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery!

French Girl Class

Ooh La La … My Little French Girl!

French Girl Sugar Art ClassWhat a fun 2 day course we had with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery learning to craft her Little French Girl out of sugar paste last Thursday and Friday. Vicci just oozes sugar art talent and her passion for everything she does in life is highly contagious. Not only is she an amazing baker and sugar artist but she is a wife, mom, friend and now also a teacher of her amazing skills. We have been admiring Vicci’s characters for a while now and we were all delighted when she announced her new class. Not only did we learn so much from this amazingly talented sugar artist but we learned from each other as we chatted about our own cake and sugar art experiences, all priceless information you can’t pick up from a book! Above are a couple of pictures of Vicci demonstrating her French Girl on a ruffled cake and below you can see Vicci’s delightful character winning her way into our hearts.

French Girl ClassWe were all delighted with out little French Girls on their matching cakes!

French Girl ClassFrench Girl ClassFrench Girl ClassThank you Vicci for sharing your passion, knowledge and wonderful skills with us. Can’t wait to see what you have up your crafty sugar art sleeve for next time! I love my little French Girl and the mischievous glint in her eye!

French Girl ClassFrench Girl Class



4 thoughts on “French Girl Class with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery!

    • Hi Amanda, you can contact Vicci via her website which is on my post if you click on Victoria Bean Bakery and also via her facebook page, Victoria Bean. I will also ask Vicci if she has the details for her next class and post them in the next few days. You will love her class!


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