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Celebration of the Rose Class with Victoria Bean

Rose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria Bean

I could never have dreamed a few years ago when I started my simple sugar paste flower decorations that I would ever learn to create my own sugar floral art. Vicci Clemitson-Martin’s Celebrating the Rose Class was yet another fun and dynamic Victoria Bean class she has presented. Bev, Lizelle, Raquel and myself worked hard for 2 days …. & yes, we laughed and had fun too!!! Vicci somehow managed to keep us on track so that we could all complete our beautiful roses to create this beautiful sugar rose art.

Rose Class with Victoria Bean

Vicci, your passion for flowers and indeed everything that grows came through in the way you explained each step of the rose so thank you for bringing your green fingers and love of nature to this class, we will all be looking at roses in a different way and be challenged to create many more gorgeous roses. Thank your for celebrating the rose in all its beauty from the bud to the full bloom and including its dainty ending as it dies back and drops its seeds for the next floral generation. You are like this rose, sewing the seeds of beautiful sugar art for all your students.

Rose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria BeanRose Class with Victoria Bean


Pearl Figurine Class with Vicci!

Mermaid Figurine CakePearl Figurine Class with VicciThe Pearl Figurine class with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery was a class Vicci gave earlier this year. I have this figurine in my display cabinet and she fills me with delight every time I see her as she has the sweetest and most innocent face and sitting on her rock she looks like she has not a care in the world! Not only is it always a pleasure to learn new skills from such an awesome teacher but it is loads of fun meeting other decorators and sharing different ideas and experiences with each other. Thank you Vicci for yet another awesome class!

Sugar Paste Mermaid Figurine

Blue Fairy Figurine Cake with Vicci!


Blue Fairy Figurine Cake Class with Vicci!

Just delighted with our Blue Fairies!

The Blue Fairy Figurine Cake was another exciting class we did with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery a while ago. We made a 2 tier cake, handpainted, embossed and draped with Crystal Candy Lace. Our Blue Fairies flew on top of our cakes with their cute faces, dainty blue petal tunics and their pretty lace wings. We were all delighted with our completed cakes and a fun day spent in awesome creativity.

I added some sugar paste butterflies, whimsical flowers, edible pebbles and a satin finished, embossed petal covered board to complement the cake.

Blue Fairy Figurine Cake Class with Vicci!

Blue Fairy Figurine

Come Fly With Me!

Jasmine Figurine Class with Vicci!

Jasmine Figurine

Jasmine FigurineJasmine has to be one of the prettiest faces I have accomplished in Vicci’s (of Victoria Bean Bakery) classes.  Jasmine was a challenge in sugar as we worked with wet rice paper for her clothing and rice paper for the Lotus Flower. This delicate flower was taught to us by Pat of Cakes by Pat. Jasmine’s clothes look almost ethereal and the coloured wet rice paper allowed for the beautiful draped effect on her body. Her gorgeous dark sugar paste locks, gold body painting and midnight blue eyes add to her mystique. I couldn’t resist photographing her in front of a small ornate gold framed mirror I had as she was as beautiful from the front as she was from the back.  Thank you again to two awesome sugar crafters sharing their skills with us once again!

Jasmine FigurineJasmine CakeJasmine CakeJasmine Cake

About a Boy and His Bear

About a Boy CakeThis was my second figurine class with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery and it was fun going from the dainty French Girl Figurine to this one of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. Not only did we share 2 great days of swopping cake tales and tips but we learned so many valuable techniques once again from Vicci. The tree stump and its mossy mound we made using sugar paste and then paint and I added sugar paste water on my cake board and some edible chocolate rocks as well as the stepping stones. I love his cute innocent face and naughty eyes and of course his Winnie the Pooh bear!

About a Boy Cake

About a Boy & His Bear Class with Victoria Bean Bakery

About a Boy Class with Vicci

About a Boy Class with Vicci

Vicci Fairy Class with Grace Stevens

Vicci Fairy Figurine

November really can’t come soon enough with the launch of Grace Stevens of Cupcakesbydesign second book! This Vicci Fairy class she taught in Johannesburg is one of the delightful figurines that will feature in her new book and it was such fun taking part in this class with Grace. Fashioned after Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery, this sugar figurine had to have really long legs finished off in funky boots. Thanks Grace for another class of fun, laughter and really awesome sugar art! I made Vicci in light brown boots and a vibrant coral petal dress and gave her funky blonde hair to match her fun character! She may be a little too sexy for a fairy but all fairies have to take time off to party and how could she not feel just that much more special dressed in her petite sugar flower petals?

Vicci Fairy Figurine