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Jasmine Figurine Class with Vicci!

Jasmine Figurine

Jasmine FigurineJasmine has to be one of the prettiest faces I have accomplished in Vicci’s (of Victoria Bean Bakery) classes.  Jasmine was a challenge in sugar as we worked with wet rice paper for her clothing and rice paper for the Lotus Flower. This delicate flower was taught to us by Pat of Cakes by Pat. Jasmine’s clothes look almost ethereal and the coloured wet rice paper allowed for the beautiful draped effect on her body. Her gorgeous dark sugar paste locks, gold body painting and midnight blue eyes add to her mystique. I couldn’t resist photographing her in front of a small ornate gold framed mirror I had as she was as beautiful from the front as she was from the back.  Thank you again to two awesome sugar crafters sharing their skills with us once again!

Jasmine FigurineJasmine CakeJasmine CakeJasmine Cake