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Rose Fairy Tutorial

Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite
Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite

This petite Rose Fairy was a figurine I made for a specially requested figurine class.

I thought I would share the tutorial with you here in this blog post.

She is a character figurine, so not anatomically perfect but totally sweet in her rose petal dress and rose leaf bodice & boots.

Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite

I hope you have fun trying out this sweet character & let me know how you get on or if you have suggestions for any other tutorials

Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite
Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite
Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite Tutorial 1
Rose Fairy -Cupcakes2Delite Tutorial 1

1. Colour 100g fondant (Premium or Bakels) ivory (no cmc added)

2. Roll out your ivory fondant and cover a 7 inch thick cake board, emboss with stone embossing mat

3. Select stone colour dusting powders

4. I used Rolkem Cappucino and Terracotta

5. Lightly dust first with the lighter colour (Cappuccino)

6. Dust into the grooves & edges of your board with the darker colour (Terracotta)

7. Colour 130g fondant coral or any colour to suit your fairy (add 1.5ml cmc)

8. Push the coral fondant into your rose mould (siliko rose mould).  I pushed a 3cm polystyrene ball into the paste in the mould to make the rose a bit lighter in weight.  You can also create a tree trunk or rock for your fairy to sit on.

9. I used Rolkem Watermelon dust to dust the rose

10. Stick your rose onto your cake board using edible cmc glue or royal icing and have your tools ready to create your fairy.

Colour 140g Zeelandia paste a flesh colour.  Add 3 ml cmc and work in well.

The paste is easier to use if allowed to settle a few hours or overnight.

You will have left over paste but I always mix up more flesh than I need in case I need to re-roll a limb or redo the head.

11. Legs (12g each) roll into 2 x 12g balls

12. Roll each ball into an approx. 8cm tapered sausage

13. Cut off at an angle a small amount of paste from the thin tapered end using a sharp knife

14/16 Roll this tapered end to form the foot and then gently pull up heel.  Using your figure gentle roll the back of the knee

15/17 Fold the leg into a right angle for a sitting figurine and pull out paste to form the knee.

18. Glue the 2 legs in position on your rose

19. Roll 24 g of paste into a ball, then into an elongated teardrop.  From the large rounded ended ease paste to form a kneck

20. Using shaping tools form the bust line (if this fairy is for a child this does not need to be done)

21. Twist a support skewer through the fairy torso from the kneck down and insert the skewer into the rose so that the torso fits onto the fairy’s legs.

22. Dress your fairy using rose petal leaves that have been embossed and edges softened and curled.  Add rose leaf boots

23/24/25. Create the bodice using rose leaves.  Let smaller rose leaves fall over the skirt

26.  Roll 2 x 5g flesh coloured balls into tapered sausages

27. Roll thinner end of tapered sausage to form wrist and hand

28. Cut out thumb and then divide remaining pad into 4 using a sharp knife, roll to round thumb and fingers. Roll out to thin paste at the elbow and gently fold to form the elbow

29/30. Glue arms using edible cmc glue to the fairy torso & dress the shoulders with leaves/straps. Dust the petals and leaves to highlight the edges

I have added the head in this sequence but would recommend making the head first in order for it to dry before adding the eyes and dusting detail.

31. Roll 20g flesh coloured paste into a ball and then gently roll to indent the centre of your ball.  You can also shape the chin at this stage.

32. Indent eyes, nose and cut for the mouth

33. Shape eyeshadow recess and slightly open the mouth

34. Using a balling tool make an indentation either side of the mouth line

35. Using fingers, shapers and small balling tools, shape the lips

36. Using shapers and balling tools, shape the nose and make nostrils

37. Insert small balls of white fondant for the eyeballs.  Cut out 2 irises from fondant using icing nozzles and glue to the white. Do the same but smaller in black for the pupils.  Carefully dust around the irises in black. Dust apricot into the recesses and shape of the nose and lips and eyes. Complete the eye using brown to dust eyeliner and black for a deeper eye line

38. Trim the skewer to size to attach the head and add cmc edible glue to the skewer.  Gently add the head onto the stick making sure not to squash the face.

39. Now the hair and final details can be added to your figurine.

40. Take a step back and admire your beautiful fairy and at this step you are fully entitled to do a little happy dance!


Vicci Fairy Class with Grace Stevens

Vicci Fairy Figurine

November really can’t come soon enough with the launch of Grace Stevens of Cupcakesbydesign second book! This Vicci Fairy class she taught in Johannesburg is one of the delightful figurines that will feature in her new book and it was such fun taking part in this class with Grace. Fashioned after Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery, this sugar figurine had to have really long legs finished off in funky boots. Thanks Grace for another class of fun, laughter and really awesome sugar art! I made Vicci in light brown boots and a vibrant coral petal dress and gave her funky blonde hair to match her fun character! She may be a little too sexy for a fairy but all fairies have to take time off to party and how could she not feel just that much more special dressed in her petite sugar flower petals?

Vicci Fairy Figurine



Vicci Fairy Class with Grace Stevens

Vicci Fairy Class with Grace StevensVicci Fairy Class with Grace Stevens

It is always a pleasure to be transported into Grace Stevens‘ magical world of sugar art when she flies up to Johannesburg to present her sugar art classes.  In this class, The Vicci Fairy, we were taken back to that fun childhood time where fairies were  real and danced with abandon at the bottom of our gardens and Grace invited us each to bring these fairies to life in sugar.  This tall and elegant fairy in her long boots and petal dress slowly came to life and eventually smiled mischievously at us once we had finished crafting her.  Thanks Grace for once again sharing your magical talent, knowledge, stories and most of all your passion for sugar art with us in this delightful course.

Vicci Fairy Class with Grace Stevens

Proudly holding our Vicci Fairies after the course with Grace Stevens, pictured 3rd from the left in the back row. So delighted to share such a brilliant day with all these ladies.

Garden Fairy Cake for Jan

Garden Fairy Cake

The Story of Jan’s Garden Fairy Cake!

Every famous fairy story has a great beginning and there would be no exception in the story of Jan’s Garden Fairy Cake. One fine Wednesday a couple of years ago in the tranquil setting of Weltevreden Farm I met Jan when I attended my first scrapbooking class at The Memory Shed. Jan was one of Lisa’s first students when she opened her beautiful shop and has stayed a loyal student every Wednesday morning. We have celebrated a few of Jan’s birthdays and as I learn more sugar art tricks the cakes to celebrate these days have slowly improved. And so her story starts….

Once upon a time from a humble ball of peachy sugar paste a dainty fairy started her little life. Her legs were shaped from 2 tiny balls of flesh sugar paste and gently folded underneath her gathered peachy skirt. Tiny peach blossoms were then added to the top of her skirt. Every fairy needs a naughty face so this too was added above a collar of peach blossoms. Sugar pearls made the perfect buttons down her tiny dress and her fairy head was adorned with auburn curls to match Jan’s gorgeous locks. Cheeky blush & smile, naughty freckles, a glint of white colour in her eyes and roses and hydrangeas to accompany her to her fairy garden meant that she was ready for the next chapter of her life.

Garden Fairy Cake

Chapter 1… Once upon a time…..

Jan’s garden fairy could now sit quietly on her green embossed cake and all her pretty roses, flowers and leaves could be added to compliment her beauty in the garden. As her garden grew a few pastel blue butterflies decided they should join the party too and they fluttered onto the cake whispering secrets next to the fairy in her garden. As she sat quietly I couldn’t resist a few pictures of her and of course she obliged by sitting and smiling serenely for me.

Garden Fairy Cake

Chapter 2 … Garden Fairy and Her Flowers

Even as I moved her around to try out different backdrops for all the photographs she was quite well behaved and was the perfect sugar paste model for the camera.

Garden Fairy Cake

Chapter 3 … a different backdrop.

The garden fairy on her cake behaved beautifully on the way to the Memory Shed in my car just delighted to be going to share a special celebration with her Jan. She arrived and the twinkle in her eye brightened as she saw Jan and was met with delighted oohs and aahs from Jan and all her friends. She showed off in pure style and portrayed everything  joyful and cheeky that Jan brings to each Wednesday morning as well as a few tears for all the sadder moments she has bravely shared with us. Of course she was then photographed again outside in the pretty garden and then again inside as Jan blew out her birthday candles and opened her gorgeous gifts.

Garden Fairy Cake

Chapter 4 … Quite at home at the Memory Shed

After a busy morning the little garden fairy kept her composure as she was finally transported home to be admired once again by Jan’s family and to spend a quiet night reflecting on what how much fun she had had. If she could have told a few secrets here she would have had a few that Wednesday but she just smiled and giggled inside as she left us thinking … what a crazy and fun group of friends and family Jan has around her, so glad for her!

Garden Fairy Cake

Chapter 5 … Ready to go home

Garden Fairy Cake

Chapter 6 … What a wonderful birthday celebration for Jan!