Blue Fairy Figurine Cake with Vicci!


Blue Fairy Figurine Cake Class with Vicci!

Just delighted with our Blue Fairies!

The Blue Fairy Figurine Cake was another exciting class we did with Vicci of Victoria Bean Bakery a while ago. We made a 2 tier cake, handpainted, embossed and draped with Crystal Candy Lace. Our Blue Fairies flew on top of our cakes with their cute faces, dainty blue petal tunics and their pretty lace wings. We were all delighted with our completed cakes and a fun day spent in awesome creativity.

I added some sugar paste butterflies, whimsical flowers, edible pebbles and a satin finished, embossed petal covered board to complement the cake.

Blue Fairy Figurine Cake Class with Vicci!

Blue Fairy Figurine

Come Fly With Me!


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