Angela’s Birthday Fairy!

Angela's Birthday Fairy

Angela,s birthday was celebrated in Wacky Wednesday Scrapbooking style a while ago and I made her a delicious chocolate cake iced in layers of vanilla, cappucino and chocolate buttercream which turned out to be quite delicious. The cake needed a little sugar paste tree stump for the little Angela fairy to kneel on and it was fairly easy to make the chocolate sugar paste look like a tree stump with some carving for the bark and for the circles. Angela loves roses and her garden is so beautiful so I added peach and blue roses and flowers around the tree stump. I think I managed to capture a bit of Angela’s spirit in this fairy as she is tall, elegant with a beautifully gentle face and funky dark hair. As she loves blue I chose this whimsical blue for her dress and added little rolled roses to the waist. We have loved getting to know you this past year, Angela, and love the kindness and fun you bring into the class.

Angela's Birthday Fairy


2 thoughts on “Angela’s Birthday Fairy!

    • Thanks Grace, just like Angela, and you can’t quite see Angela’s intelligence, energy and organisational skills in this character! Thanks to your awesome classes I have such fun making these figurines!


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