Pug Face Cupcakes

Pug CupcakesKeeping up with the ‘doggie’ sweet sugar theme for my posts this weekend, and yes because Cupcakes2Delite does enjoy going ‘barking mad’ sometimes, I am blogging these adorable Pug Cupcakes. I cannot take credit for the design or the making of these cupcake toppers as I asked Paige to help me with these during her practical training hours spent with me. I am really chuffed with her help and talent as they are just too delightful. Paige with her artistic flair created these pug faces for an order that Sharon gave me for her daugher Chloe’s birthday. I have to admit that although all my clients love their orders when they fetch them and greet my sugar creations with oohs and aahs, I have never had a reaction quite like Chloe’s reaction to her surprise order from her mom. She was amazed, delighted and so thankful all in the same instant and these reactions are the reason I just love creating in sugar. Thank you Sharon for your order and thanks Chloe for making my sugar year!

Pug Cupcakes

Cupcakes2Delite gone Barking Mad!


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