Sweet Labrador Cake for Lisa

Labrador Birthday Cake

This celebration cake had to depict everything that is so special about our scrapbooking teacher, Lisa, and I was so delighted that it did. The cake itself had to be a vegan chocolate cake as Lisa herself is vegan and I used a delicious vegan chocolate cake recipe given to me by a friend. The Lindt Chilli Chocolate ganache thinned with a trickle of chocolate soya milk is just the perfect finish for this cake which is totally scrumptious whether you are vegan or not! As Lisa is the most gentle of all animal lovers, this sugar paste labrador  was the perfect character to add a smile to Lisa’s day. Once again we had a celebration which not only included, cake, tasty eats and presents but also loads of laughs and great spirit. Thanks Lisa for being the amazingly caring, kind and gentle person you are and for looking after all the furry and sometimes not so furry friends that pop into your life just knowing they will be safe with you!

Labrador Birthday Cake

Tail waggingly delicious cake!


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