Succulent Cupcakes

Succulent CupcakesMaking succulent cupcakes for an expert horticulturist was quite a challenge as I wanted to get them as close to looking like the real plants as possible. I popped the iced cupcakes into tiny terracotta pots and then sprinkled crushed oreo biscuits over the cupcakes for the soil.  I made a variety of sugar paste succulents, dusted them with different shades of olive and grey greens and plum. It was a real compliment when Debbie arrived to her 50th Birthday Breakfast with her friends and wondered why there were succulent plants on the table as well as fresh flowers.  Thanks Debbie for the opportunity to make your 50th birthday cupcakes and then share a wonderful morning with you and your friends.

Succulent CupcakesSucculent Cupcakes


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