Debbie’s Floral 50th Celebration

Tea Pot Cake by Ambers Cakes & CupcakesAfter  a gorgeous birthday breakfast with friends it was time for Debbie to celebrate her 50th birthday with her family. Debbie (of Foxglove Landscape Designs) is super talented when it comes to making any garden just beautiful. The birds certainly sing a brighter and more cheerful song in my garden after Debbie has created her horticulture design magic in it. Debbie’s talent extends to her choice in friends as she has 2 gorgeous cake decorating friends in her life. Amber (of Amber’s Cakes and Cupcakes) has been a friend of both Debbie and myself and she bakes and creates with passion and dedication. Amber made this beautiful Teapot Cake with the sugar paste tea cups and hand painted detail with great love and attention to detail especially for Debbie’s celebration. Of course as I love to be part of the celebrations of special friends I offered to make some sugar paste roses to add to Amber’s cake. I am so delighted at how artfully Amber added them to her design. Thanks again Debbie for trusting us with your celebration cake and sugar thumbs up for a great choice in friends!

Sugar Paste Roses by Cupcakes2Delite

Just waiting to be added to a beautiful cake!


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