Mama Mia Cake Topper


Mama Mia Cake

Celeste celebrated her 50th Birthday in Haga Haga in March and her theme was Mama Mia. This cake was a collaboration between Oshean of We Love Sugar in East London and myself.  I made a sugar paste cake topper based on the Mama Mia theme with the suitcase, sunhat, guitar and other beach goodies and Oshean and her team baked and decorated the cake for this topper. I was so delighted to see such a gorgeous cake with its inviting Greek doorway into a weekend of fun for Celeste and her guests.  Thank you Celeste for trusting Oshean and myself with your 50th Birthday Celebration!  Wishing you a wonderful year ahead and may you continue to celebrate every occasion with such passion and love.

Mamma Mia Cake Topper


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