Tinkerbell for a Woodland Cake

Tinkerbell Figurine for a Woodland CakeAnnabella celebrated her 3rd birthday with a Woodland Theme. Her mom, Veronica, made a Woodland Tree Stump Cake beautifully finished with butterflies, flowers, toadstools and tiny ladybirds and bees.  This petite Tinkerbell figurine she asked me to make to top the cake was just perfect for Annabella. As Annabella popped out to great me with her blonde tousled locks and somewhat mischievous face she matched her birthday Tinkerbell figurine and I could imagine the 2 of them running off into the garden for a giggle!

Tinkerbell Figurine for a Woodland CakeTinkerbell Figurine for a Woodland CakeThanks Veronica for trusting me to help you finish off your beautiful cake made with great love and patience for your daughter.  Judging by the pictures of her birthday party, there will be many magical, fairy dust sprinkled memories for Annabella to look back on. This little Tinkerbell Figurine certainly brought a bit of magic into my kitchen!

Tinkerbell Figurine for Woodland Cake



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