Cause4Paws Cupcakes

Cause4Paws Cupcakes

All the Johannesburg bakers joined forces this weekend to bake over 3000 cupcakes for Cause4Paws which is an animal welfare society raising funds this weekend for their furry friends. These cupcakes are being sold from the 14th-17th July at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo at Montecasino, Johannesburg.  Tickets are available at the door so please remember, while you are revelling in the aromas of coffee and tasting the different chocolate sweet delights, to add one of these cupcakes to your purchases! You’ll add a tasty wag to some furry tail!

Cause4Paws Cupcakes

I added decorations to these delicious vanilla cupcakes and did a pairing of my own, not coffee and chocolate but Lemon Meringue and bright yellow pearls, Turkish Rose  and popping pink pearls and Candy mallow and bright blue pearls.  The soft puffs of Mini Meringues are paired with a matching sheen of pearls.

The coffee swirls of iced cupcakes below I decorated with White Chocolate  and champagne pearls. Cause4Paws Cupcakes


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