Succulent Cupcake Gift

Succulent Cupcakes in a Pot

It has been fun to watch over the years how my blog posts are being followed by people all over the world and I have had a few interesting requests including supplying cupcakes for a hotel in London and delivering cupcakes to a wedding in Kensington in the UK. This is a trifle tricky if your are based as I am in Johannesburg, South Africa. There are times, however, that I have been able to help an international client from Australia and London and this order was one of them.

Tendai contacted me from the UK and asked if I could make Succulent Cupcakes for a friend celebrating their birthday in South Africa. It was such an orginal gesture of hers and a fun surprise to do for her friend. As her friend is a bit of a succulent guru and has a garden full of them I made sugar paste succulents as true to nature as I could and popped them on  “potted cupcakes” topped with crushed Oreos for soil. I was able to deliver a beautiful tray of cupcakes to an awesome young guy and Tendai you really made his day remembering his passion for succulents and surprising him with this sweet gift!

Succulent Cupcakes in a Pot


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