Giraffes and Parrots for Cupcakes

Sugar Paste Parrot Cupcake ToppersSugar Paste Parrot Cupcake Toppers

Cuteness with more than a dash of naughtiness and loads of character are the only way to describe these little Sugar Paste Parrots and Giraffes. These tropical coloured cheeky characters were such fun to create and I am so chuffed they found a soft perch on fluffy iced cupcakes.

Sugar Paste Parrot Cupcake Toppers

Giraffes in all their tall elegant beauty are my favourite land animals as they grace the African planes with their serene nature and of course always have a view second to none. These Sugar Paste Giraffes I created with a slight twist to their natural elegance, as each one had its own sugar character. The dudes and dudettes with toothbrushes were a tongue in cheek acknowledgement to the recipient of the cupcake gift as he is a dentist. The cheeky dude giraffes are nonchalantly chewing on sugar branches while some of the more demure dudettes flutter their eyelashes at all their admirers.

Sugar Paste Giraffe Cupcake ToppersSugar Paste Giraffe Cupcake ToppersSugar Paste Giraffe Cupcake ToppersSugar Paste Giraffe Cupcake Toppers


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