Owl, Flower & Butterfly Cupcakes

Owl, Flower & Butterfly Cupcakes

Georgie is always an absolute delight to bake for because when she collects her cupcakes and sees them for the first time her face lights up with the most beautiful smile. Ann asked me first to do flowers and butterflies for a Garden Themed birthday party and then when she saw sugar paste owls that I had previously made for a client she added those to her cupcake order. She said that Georgie would love the decorations in pretty pinks and limes and I added a touch of sunny yellow to accent the other colours. Georgie is a beautiful and gentle girl and I wanted her cupcakes to show that about her. I moulded owls and added tiny flowers and pretty eyelashes to make them totally girlie. Some of the owls got cute eyebrows to create a naughtier look on them.

For the sugar paste flowers I first embossed my sugar paste using my new Crystal Candy Lace Mould in their Will-o-the-Wisp design. I then used a simple 5-petal cutter to cut out the flower and again used the same mat to emboss the sugar paste centres for the flowers. I love the soft enchanting look the embossing gave these flowers. Your birthday table looked so pretty Georgie and I love that all your family and friends enjoyed your party and the cupcakes.

Owl, Flower & Butterfly Cupcakes

Owl, Flower & Butterfly Cupcakes

Sweet Birthday Wishes to you Georgie!


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