Sylvanian Families Cake


Sylvanian Families Cake

Even though my children are well grown past the age of small character toys, I am often magically transported back to my childhood with so many of my cake orders for young children and this was definitely the case with this cake for Jané. Who could nor find these little Sylvanian Family characters an absolute delight at any age? What fun it must be for children to collect these sweet character families and all the room accessories that go with them. There is a beautiful innocence in the design of these characters that is refreshing to come across these days.

As Jané’s party was a sleepover party, her mom, Janita, asked me to do a bed with these 6 Sylvanian Family characters on and around the bed. The colour palette was a pale pink and delphinium blue, so I embossed a rose pink sugar paste with daisies and covered the bed with this adding the white paste for the sheet along with the Crystal Candy Graceland Lace Mold lace trim. I lightly air brushed the pink duvet cover and blush pink throw and also the wood embossed headboard and base board of the bed. The blue pillows and floor mat were the perfect addition for the accent of blue on this pretty bed.

Sylvanian Families CakeSylvanian Families Cake

Sylvanian Families Cake

The characters included a Zeelandia sugar paste rabbit, mouse, hedgehog, squirrel, cat and piglet all from the Sylvanian Family collection. I matched the outfits as closely as possible to the photos Janita sent me and then popped two of the happy creatures on their comfy bed and the remaining four on the wood embossed sugar paste floor. The baby hedgehog stole my heart with her cute hair do and gorgeous dress. Janita was once again delighted with this cake for her daughter and the best compliment ever was her saying that she loves ordering cakes from me as it makes her feel like a child again!

Sylvanian Families CakeSylvanian Families Cake

Sylvanian Families Cake

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