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Beach Themed Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Staying with sunny beach days, a perfect time to blog this beautiful Beach Themed Bridal Shower organized by Wendy for her daughter, Ashleigh. This was a pretty and perfect celebration for the women in Ashleigh’s life just before she began her married adventure. A great way to start in a gorgeous setting with bachelorette fun and games, delicious food and a fancy carefree array of turquoise and white sweet treats.

The cake was layers of rich vanilla sponge and passion fruit buttercream that I covered in an elegant Geldhof white chocolate ganache. Driftwood, larger shells and rope detail I made by moulding sugar paste into Karen Davies Driftwood and Shell Mould. The smaller shells were moulded using Fondant Solutions Mould. I had an idea to use thin strips of turquoise and white sugar paste as waves kissing the side of the cake with crushed biscuit ‘sand’ & tiny cream pearls for water bubbles. My favourite part are the 2 hand-moulded embossed hearts representing the young lovers who celebrated their engagement on the beach.

Pastel turquoise macaron shells filled with a wave of Flavour Nation naartjie white chocolate ganache and Callebaut white Crispearls and decorated with a royal icing wave, sprinkles of golden sugar ‘sand’, white ‘water droplet’ beads and a sugar paste shells were such a pretty addition to the cake order.

Swirls of white and turquoise meringue kisses in Mixed Berry Flavour with turquoise and white beads and sea themed sprinkles were another tasty addition to the dessert table.

Ice-cream flavoured, star fish adorned cake pops and sea jellies I made using grapetizer, crushed biscuits again for ‘sand’, crispearls and chocolate ganache filled shells, sat sweetly (excuse the pun) amidst other turquoise and white sweet delights to complete a stunning Beach Themed Bridal Dessert Table.

Thank you Wendy for all the hours and effort you put into the planning for this beautiful celebration for Ashleigh and her friends. Thank you for being such a loyal and enthusiastic friends and client.

Wendy – Ashleigh’s Bridal Shower, February 2019

“The very best tasting and most stunning bridal shower cake ever. You depicted the beach theme so well Lisa Cunningham. Not just the cake but macarons, meringues and cake pops all absolutely incredible. You are soo talented.”


Lighthouse Cake for my Dad’s 80th Birthday

Lighthouse CakeMy dad turned 80 last week and we celebrated with family and friends in Durban on a beautiful spring day.  I had the privilege of making my dad’s birthday cake and I knew I wanted to include his passion for the beach and the sea in this cake. I started with a boardwalk sugar paste board and then added the first layer, a chocolate fudge cake, which I painted in shades of blue and white for the sea. The stamped images portray my dad’s passion for boats and everything nautical.

The second tier represents the sand on which my dad spent so many hours playing sandcastles with us his children and now his grandchildren. I chose a salted caramel flavoured cake for this tier. I had the waves gently kissing the 2nd tier and added wooden sugar paste posts to represent the many hours spent walking along the Umhlanga boardwalk. Finally the lighthouse nestled in the chocolate rocks was the most important as my dad has always been and will always be an inspirational beacon in all our lives and the lighthouse represents his guidance, help and protection in our lives. I asked my niece and nephew to add their creations to the cake and Tanith made a beautiful seagull and Roarke made a golden beach ball. A sugar paste life buoy, rope, sea shells and miniature beaded bubbles were the final inspiration for the most incredible dad! I was touched by how much my dad loved his cake and he became quite protective over it when it came time to cut and share his beautiful cake.

Lighthouse Cake

Lighthouse Cake

Happy 80th Birthday Dad! I love you!


Cradlestone Mall First Birthday Competition

Beach Themed Cake

Last year I entered my first cake competition with this little beach themed cake.  Cradlestone Mall were celebrating their first birthday and they hosted among the first year celebrations a cake competition. Entries were open to all bakers and the cakes were judged and then either auctioned or sold off by the slice and all proceeds went to charity.  I made this petite Beach Girl Figurine in her lime green bikini top and lacy skirt and placed her on my vanilla sponge cake that was covered in layers of pale cream fondant and blue waved fondant. Beach bronzed sugar crystals were perfect for the sand for her to sit on and  sugar paste shells and frangipani flowers completed the fun summer beach theme. I moulded soft blue waves on the board of the cake that gently kissed the bottom of the cake and dotted the waves with tiny white sugar pearls and sugar paste shells.

Beach Themed CakeBeach Themed Cake