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Cupcakes ‘Fore’ Simeon

Cupcakes Fore Simeon

Fore….(excuse the pun) Simeon’s 6oth I wanted to do cupcakes related to one of his favourite loves….golf. I made cappucino cupcakes with coffee and caramel flavoured icing and decorated them with delicious Geldhof chocolate golf balls which Geldhof kindly halved for me.  Fore the rest of the words describing Simeon I printed them onto photo paper and cut them into flags which I glued onto lolly sticks to look like the flags on the greens.  Thanks Simeon for being all the thing you are to your family –  husband, father, son, friend, golfer, artist, sport fanatic and for being funny, trustworthy, loyal and so much more.  Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration and your cupcakes as much as we did.