4th July Cupcakes

4th July Cupcakes

My scrapping friend, Shaunagh asked me to do 4th July cupcakes for her and as usual I started off with research for something different to decorate the cupcakes with.  I was delighted to have Stephanie’s blog Life Tastes Like Food pop up on WordPress with her most delightful 4th July strawberries.  I was so intrigued by her inventiveness and creativity and thought they would look perfect on the cupcakes.

They were really easy to do and delightful as a finished decoration.  Note to self though it is difficult to find strawberries in Woolies while Wimbledon is on!


10 thoughts on “4th July Cupcakes

  1. My family were also very lucky to be able to sample these special cupcakes – not only did they look good, but they were really yummy! Thanks Lisa – you are very creative!


    • Not sure if I am more excited that you love all my cupcakes or if I finally have a comment from someone so far away – Yeah!
      Delighted you love them.


      • Anna Louise loves making cupcakes eddie’s sister Denise told me to look up your page im ann a good friend of Denise.anna louise was so exicted looking at all the fab. cupcakes. Anna would love if u lived in Ireland.


      • Tell Anna I would love it too as I love sharing ideas with people and learning from other bakers. I also miss our family in Ireland madly & would love to make a special cupcake for each one of them. That would be awesome as it would give me some great Irish inspiration! My only problem would be that I would miss the gorgeous sunshine here and that is one thing that really inspires me about South Africa. I can’t wait till our summer to do bees, butterflies and loads of gorgeous flowers on my cupcakes so roll on summer. Has Anna looked at Martha Stewart’s cupcakes? They are also inspiring and her Irish Coffee ones are absolutey delicious. I am going to make her Apple cupcakes for my next market day so look out for those soon too.


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