Lisa (TQO) Celebrates her Birthday!

Lisa Livie's  Birthday CakeIf there is one friend I have who really knows how to celebrate birthdays or actually anything else really….that is Lisa (TQO).  Earlier this year Lisa Scrapbooking hosted us at her home and prepared a delicious lunch for us all to celebrate Lisa’s (TQO) birthday. I…another Lisa….Lisa Cupcake, for short, made the birthday cake for the day. The cake was a delicious Irish Cream Cake with an ivory buttercream covering. I added pretty embossed detail into the buttercream by placing the Crystal Candy Lace mat against the buttercream and pressing gently against the cake. As Lisa loves flowers I added pale white roses with a blush of pink to the top of the cake. The cake in the background above is a vegan chocolate cake, doused with Lindt chilli chocolate ganache and pomegranate seeds.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time celebrating and Lisa as always was totally delighted with her cake. Sorry it took so long to blog Lisa but happy birthday and here’s to next year’s cake!

Lisa Livie's  Birthday Cake

Lisa Loving her Cake!

Lisa Livie's  Birthday Cake


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