Brandon’s 21st Backpack Cake!

What a privilege it was to celebrate Brandon’s 21st Birthday with him, his family and his friends.  As a mother we always hope that our own children will choose friends who will touch and influence their lives in a positive way.  Brandon has been that friend to my son Teigh since their early days in primary school and it is amazing to have watched their friendship develop into what it is today. It would be difficult to not want to be Brandon’s friend as he has a funny, quirky, friendly and deeply genuine personality as well as a rather naughty glint in his eyes. The glint I am sure comes from both his passion for the night sky as well as his passion for travel and keen sense of adventure. Michelle, his mom, had the idea of a backpack for his birthday cake and that is how this bright blue and black cake developed into his 21st Birthday Cake.

Brandon's 21st Backpack Cake

Ready for Adventure!

I covered the board for the cake in white fondant, stencilled the board with blue smudges and then added an edible print of 3 brochures Brandon had perused for his travel adventures. The Backpack Cake consists of 2 tiered cakes, the first a chocolate fudge cake and the second a coffee cake which I stacked and then carved into the backpack. I covered the cake in blue sugar paste and then added black straps and pocket details as well as stitching and zip details. The final addition was the edible ticket and passport. Brandon thank you for your friendship and may this be just the beginning of all the adventures you are sure to have as a young adult!

Backpack Cake


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