Cream & Gold Flower Cupcakes

Cream & Gold Flower Cupcakes

Wendy was delighted to have her beautiful daughter home recently to celebrate her birthday.  No birthday for a gorgeous girl would be complete without carefully ordered cupcakes from Cupcakes2Delite. For Tracy, Wendy asked me to do cupcakes in cream and gold. I wanted each cupcake to be special and have a different combination of the cream and gold colouring.  The soft rolled roses were perfect accompanied by a textured and painted gold leaf. I included a couple of ruffled cream flowers with pretty gold centres and completed the order with a couple of cupcakes covered with and embossed sugarpaste topper and rolled roses. These particular embossed templates are a new release from Crystal Candy. They are their Fun Flowers Choc Art disc moulds which I used to emboss the sugarpaste before cutting out with a circle cutter and adding to my buttercream iced cupcake.  The words, Live, Laugh & Love & the outlined daisies are so pretty on any cupcake for a special occasion. Thanks Wendy for choosing Tracy’s favourite colours for her order. It was great to hear that these cupcakes were enjoyed by friends and family in Johannesburg and the remainder were enjoyed by friends in Cape Town.

Cream & Gold Flower Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Tracy!

Cream & Gold Flower Cupcakes

Cream & Gold Flower Cupcakes


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