Purple Fairy Cake

Last Saturday Bianca celebrated her 21st Birthday with her family and friends and Sophie trusted me with her special cake for the evening. This cake had to be extra special for a number of reasons. Sophie wanted Bianca to have everything she had been looking for in a cake; her favourite colour purple, a bit of bling and something feminine and beautiful. This particular 2 tiered cake is based on an exquisite cake from Kek Couture and as Sophie loved the picture I adapted it to fit with Bianca’s celebration. The sugar modelling work of Kek Couture is inspirational in itself and I had to be able to do justice to this beautiful idea. The Purple Fairy had to be beautiful as Sophie sent me pictures of Bianca for me to use as a model for this pretty fairy and I was so delighted to hear that Bianca loved her fairy. When I delivered the cake, this little fairy with her painted rice paper wings looked so content sitting on her bejeweled and flowered cake in an exquisitely decorated room for the evening.

Purple Fairy 21st Birthday Cake

Finally Bianca’s cake had to be just that extra special as Sophie was my son’s primary school teacher 18 year’s ago and Teigh not only adored her but thrived in her class. Sophie was then and is still an inspiration to the young children she teaches. Bianca clearly has a special place in Sophie’s heart and in creating this cake I knew it would bring a smile to Bianca’s face and also say a huge thank you to another beautiful, caring and loving woman in my life.

Purple Fairy 21st Birthday Cake

May your 21st year be as beautiful as you are Bianca!


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