Red Hat Society 60th Birthday Cupcakes

Red Hat Society 60th Birthday Cupcakes

Pat had the idea to use as the inspiration for her 60th Birthday celebration the Red Hat Society. When we were growing, up as she explained to me, we were told that red and purple were not ideal colours to wear together. However as you turn 50 you are then officially old enough to do exactly as you please and red and purple then become totally acceptable! Luckily here in South Africa we live in a vibrant society where people throw colours together with exuberant abandon.  I took the inspiration from a drawing I googled under the Red Hat Society and then another from a photograph of one of the lady’s hats in the Society. The first hat is a soft-brimmed hat adorned with a daisy embossed ribbon and tiny red flower and the second hat is a smarter hat with a rouched band and rolled sugar paste roses to resemble ribbon roses. The remainder of the cupcakes I adorned with embossed purple flowers and open red roses with purple pearly centres.

Pat’s thank you to me : “Thank you for the most divine cupcakes. They were a great hit.”  It was a pleasure Pat and so chuffed to experiment with this colour combination.

Red Hat Society 60th Birthday Cupcakes

Red Hat Society 60th Birthday Cupcakes

Wishing you a colourful and wonderful 60th Birthday Pat!


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