Bright Daisy Cupcakes

Bright Daisy Cupcakes

God definitely had a sense of humour on the 15th August in both the years that Shaunagh and I were born in. He created two marvelous women and then sent us forth into the same scrapbooking group of friends. I was sent to ply these wonderful women with many a cake and cupcake and tasty morsels for them to sample and throw their carefully planned diets into disarray. As for Shaunagh, she was sent to delight us with her naughty Irish wit and charm for which we are really grateful. So many laughs and smiles, Shaunagh, inspired these Bright Daisy Cupcakes for you. I chose your favourite sunny yellow for the daisies and added purple bobble centres to complete your favourite colour combination. Wishing you another year of wonderful laughter and colourful celebrations.

Bright Daisy CupcakesBright Daisy CupcakesBright Daisy Cupcakes

Bright Daisy Cupcakes for Shaunagh's Birthday

Happy Birthday Shaunagh, my birthday twin!


4 thoughts on “Bright Daisy Cupcakes

  1. Thank you Lisa for once again spoiling me with delicious, personalised cupcakes, warm and happy memories. Could not ask for a more special and unique person to share my birthday with.


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