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White Ruffle Flower Birthday Cake

White Ruffle Flower Birthday Cake

Simple but effective vanilla bean with vanilla buttercream cake for Ona’s mom’s 50th Birthday. This was an all white cake with softly ruffled sugar paste flowers & pearlized chocolate balls for decoration. I used a mixture of non-pereils and pearls from Jodees to sprinkle on the top of the cake and to finish off the cake board and some of the smaller flowers.

Sweet words of thanks from Ona: “Hi Lisa. The cake was lovely! Everyone enjoyed it! And my mom loved how it looked..100%. It literally was the cherry on the top! Thank you so much.”

White Ruffle Flower Birthday CakeWhite Ruffle Flower Birthday Cake


Orange Ruffle Flower Cake for Tanya

Orange Ruffle Flower Cake

As Tanya was going to be travelling around the world to celebrate her birthday, we decided to have an early 50th Birthday party for her and this was the cake I made to mark her grand old 50 years on this earth. Tanya loves orange and chocolate so a chocolate ganached cake with frilled flowers in shade of orange was perfect for her. I snuck in just a tasty bit of extra orange into the buttercream by adding fresh orange zest and Cointreau Liquer. Thank you Tanya for all the years of friendship, sharing school days when our boys were younger (how can we forget their crazy market days together?) and now sharing precious days where we catch up during our crazy schedules. Enjoy all the 50th Birthday celebrations to follow with your family and have a wonderful trip.

Orange Ruffle Flower Cake

A huge thank you to Ray of Crystal Candy for another innovative product, her Crystal Candy Edible Flakes. I chose her Edible Flakes in Rose Gold to decorate the ganache and to cover the cake board for this cake. These dainty flakes of gold contrast here so beautifully with the rich chocolate and they just melt in your mouth so don’t affect the taste of the cake in any way. Here’s to our Golden Oldie of a friend (only kidding Tanya!!!)

Orange Ruffle Flower CakeOrange Ruffle Flower Cake

Taking a Page out of Michelle’s Book…

Book Birthday CakeBook Birthday Cake

Great friends like great books are to be treasured for life! Michelle is one of those great friends who fills my life with joy, much laughter and fun. She is there not only for the fun times but also for the tough times and she has enough love and care to do this with all her family and friends. When it came to designing a cake for her Fab 50th Birthday I needed to include Michelle’s family and friends in the theme as they are so special to her. It also had to be soft, feminine and pretty and it had to last through 3 different birthday celebrations. The first occasion was a surprise birthday celebration hosted by Angela for Michelle and all the Wacky Wednesday Scrapbookers. The pastel pink book at the bottom of the pile pictured above was especially for this occasion.  I baked a delicious raspberry sponge with a Vanilla bean filling and chocolate ganache and I titled it, Eat, Laugh and Scrap as that pretty much sums us up!  True to form we did eat the gorgeous grub prepared by Angela, we laughed loudly and of course took loads of photos to scrapbook.

Book Birthday Cake

Michelle then celebrated with her family and friends on a balmy Saturday evening and I used the top 4 books again for her cake for this occasion. I had made these books as false cakes for this reason and the first book on the board I made a delicious strawberry sponge with a Candy Cane flavoured filling.  I covered this book in Michelle’s favourite duck egg blue and titled it, Family & Friends. The pink floral embossed book at the top of the pile had to be for Michelle and this I titled Fab 50 for her because she is just fabulous in every way.  My son came up with the ‘catchy’ title for Marco’s book. Marco was Michelle’s Catch of the Day the day she fell in love with him and chose him as her lifelong husband, friend and partner. Marco has also been spotted in one of his favourite spots fishing quietly and contemplating life. Shayna, Michelle’s daughter, wasn’t able to be at the party as she has gone Big in Japan & settled into her wonderful adventure and life in Japan. Michelle had a wonderful trip to visit Shayna a few months ago and they shared so many treasured moments seeing the beautiful blossoms and flowers of the Japanese spring. Brandon, Michelle’s son, has definitely caught the Travel Bug so his book was aptly named. I added embossed ships and compasses to this book. The sugar paste roses, heart and buttons complete the feminine look for Michelle’s cake.

Book Birthday Cake

The final celebration of the wonderful trio of parties was a high tea Michelle hosted for her girl friends and again we celebrated with delicious food and cake. In addition to the cake I made vanilla bean cupcakes in a jar with pretty sugar paste roses and flowers and these were gifts for her friends.  The soft pretty flowers were a perfect ending to a wonderful day for an amazing and truly special friend!

Michelle's 50th Birthday Book Cake

Cupcakes in  Jar with Roses and FlowersCupcakes in  Jar with Roses and Flowers