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Embracing Nature Competition Figurines

Embracing Nature Figurines

The Good Food and Wine Show in Johannesburg has come and gone and it was more than just a wining and dining experience for me.  I have my Embracing Nature Figurines as a daily reminder of the challenge of entering a competition piece for the show and having a fun weekend.  This sugar paste couple was my entry into the Cake Competition hosted by the South African Cake Decorators Guild (SACDG). I was so chuffed that the judges noted that they liked my “two enchanting figurines in a field of daisies”. Constructive criticism was that I needed to roll my paste thinner for my flowers.

Embracing Nature Figurines

The detailed painting Nature’s Embrace by Josephine Wallwas my inspiration for this piece as I could really choose any celebratory piece to enter in the competition. Josephine captures equally the power of nature and its gentleness and grace and her artwork resounded with me as Knysna had just been devastated by ferocious fires. Immediately following the heartbreak that came with images of families and animals left either homeless, or having lost their possessions in the fires, came the beautiful images of a caring and compassionate and generous country that came together to support those who had been affected. My two sugar characters only have eyes for each other in this piece and hopefully I managed to portray the gentleness of Josephine’s embracing trees.

Embracing Nature FigurinesEmbracing Nature Figurines

Josephine Wall's Nature's Embrace

Josephine Wall’s Nature’s Embrace

I hand moulded the faces using Saracino Modelling Paste and then used the Zeelandia for the bark covering, making sure to mark the paste to recreate the bark and then allow it to fold over their backs and waists to show their emerging torsos. Nature’s trail follows them in the ivy and daisies resting on the edible moss floor and gently chasing up the  roots and bark surrounding them.

Embracing Nature FigurinesEmbracing Nature Figurines

Zeelandia Demo at Kelly Jayne’s

Jayne and Kelly with Reinhard Leopold from Zeelandia and a delicious Cake on a Stick.

Jayne and Kelly (Kelly Jayne’s) with Reinhard Leopold (Zeelandia) and a delicious Cake on a Stick.

On Friday I popped into Kelly Jayne’s for a demonstration on Macarons and Cake on a Stick using the Zeelandia products. Reinhard Leopold converted the Zeelandia French Macaron Mix and the Cake on a Stick Mix into delicious goodies for us to taste. He demonstated how with accurate weighing, timed mixing and then accurate baking these declicious treats can be made at home. The macarons were all sampled before I had a chance to photograph any and in the photo above the Cake on a Stick was easily decorated with the Zeelandia dips (chocolate and cherry, 2 of the 8 flavours available). I chatted to Kelly and Jayne who will stock these Zeelandia pre mixes in their beautiful new shop situated in Decor Park.

As a baker it is great to see the different products offered in new shops I visit.  Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique stocks a wide variety of products beautifully displayed in their shop and coffee shop. Gorgeous cupcakes and aromatic cappuccinos would entice any customer to stop a while during their perusing and take a seat at pretty silver tables and chairs. Kelly’s own wedding cake is on display as well as their award winning Buddy Valastro Wedding Cake. They also offer a number of classes in their shop and details can be found on their facebook page.

Kelly Jayne's Cake Boutique

Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique 

No new product is quite the same unless I have shared it with my family and friends for their approval. The Cake on a Stick was fortunate enough to be shared with my daughter who loved it!

Ceire & Lisa enjoying Zeelandia Cake on a Stick!

Ceire & Lisa enjoying Zeelandia Cake on a Stick!